The Three Printers by Caravan Wolfe Pte Ltd

Have you ever experienced the tedious process of getting branding or marketing collaterals printed and have to deal with unfriendly printers or waiting several days for a single quotation and to top it off, an exorbitant quotation that made your waiting in vain? Well, WE did!

Our team started in early 2016 as a venture capitalist with management history with retail, manufacturing and even commodities trading with going through pretty much of the usual pangs of business growth and challenges. However, ONE frustrating challenge stood out the most especially during our retail and manufacturing days was a smooth & fuss free experience with printing company. It was never in existent! We were bewildered and the research began...

The printing industry is a sunset industry as claimed by some with what mostly remains are first or second generation owners with legacy printing factories servicing age long customers thus new customer acquisition and service was never a priority as maintaining existing relationship was the core priority for them. Next in line are the printing agents or middle men, who usually pass orders to factories and pass it back to the clients, the service provided are usually better than factories as it is their only core offering since they do not own the printing equipment however not much praises on the pricing as it is pretty dependent on the factories with another middleman margin on top of that. Thus resulting in the paradox of the printing world; it's either top service and expensive pricing or sub-par service and affordable pricing.

So this is where we came into the picture, we started a trial project in 2019, purchasing equity stake in a printing factory, restructured their processes and started a front-facing brand; The Three Printers combining both irony into a single unity of epic affordable pricing with tears-inducing (tears of joy of course!) customer service level. The trial project was targeted to disrupt the market with epic low pricing, attentive service and quality printing products since then, we have completed a total of 1000+ printing jobs in a period of 10 months.

So here we are now, from a trial project to a real business, still rocking it with the existing epic-ness qualities since 2019. We thank you for your continued support and we will continue to work hard to extend this epic printing mentality and experience to all regions of the world.

Why choose us for printing?

service with the heart

We add the "Saranghaeyo" to all our customer services.
We listen, act fast and rectify any issues that is raised or spotted,
so you can print with a peace of mind.

We offer multiple channels for our clients to reach out to us to ensure your concerns/questions/requests will always reach our team "Saranghaeyo"

Free Delivery

Any orders SGD50 & above entitles to FREE local door to door
delivery regardless of weight, size or even product type.

We even offer white label printing & delivery service if required.

Epic Low & Transparent Pricing

We consistently list all our pricing on our site for full transparency
and we offer quick quotation for all other customised/unlisted orders
within 1 business day or less.

We offer Price Match Guarantee* you got a better price offered elsewhere, we will beat it!

Fast Turnaround

All of our team members including the bosses are monitored with a stop watch
Our task are all timed and KPIed to ensure we never lose our game in satisfying our customers.